National Council

National Council

SAICA members at the Annual General Meeting held on 26 June 2019, approved a revised Constitution, following a rigorous Governance Review of the Institute, led by the Governance Review Task Team (GRTT). Under the new Constitution, the National Council is established and composed of not more than 40 (forty) individuals, elected by regional and other constituency bodies, to represent the full spectrum of SAICA members (regional, firms, Members in Business, associates, and other interest groups).

Appendix 2 of the SAICA Constitution provides for the National Council Charter, in terms of which the functions and mandate of the Council are defined in detail. Key amongst the functions of the National Council is to –

  • advise the Board on matters relating to the long-term strategy of the Institute and the profession;
  • represent Members’ and Associates’ interests facilitated through input from the Regional Councils and communicated by the Council to the Board and management;
  • identify new Interest Groups and recommend these to the Board for representation on the Council;
  • provide input to the Nomination and Governance Committee for the appointment of members to the Board; and
  • temporarily assume the powers and functions of the Board if the majority of the members of the Board resign or are removed and are not replaced in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the By-laws until such time as a new Board can be appointed.

Below are members of the SAICA National Council with an indication of the number of seats their constituencies hold in the Council as per the Council Charter composition.

Council memberName
Central region (2 seats)1. Kobus Swanepoel: President of the SAICA National Council

2. Conrad de Wee

Eastern region (2 seats)1. Akash Singh

2. Harish Ramsumer

Northern region (2 seats)1. Nelis van Niekerk

2. Hester McClintock

Southern region (2 seats)1. Anine A Pffeifer

2. Suraya Gierdien

ABASA (2 seats)1. Sibusiso Nduna

2. Luyanda Gidini

AWCA (1 seat)1. Zama Khanyile
Members in Business Interest Group (2 seats)1. Shaun Osner

2. Ismail Lambat

CFO Forum (2 seats)

1. Jason Quinn

2. name still to be provided

Large practices interest group (2 seats)1. Dion Shango

2. Brain Eaton

National small & medium practices interest group (x2 seats)1. Coen Stokes

2. Faizal Suleman

International members

1. Gary Sherwood - Aspac Region

2. Natasha Holbeck - The Americas

International members1. Gary Sherwood - Aspac Region

2. Natasha Holbeck - The Americas

3. Mark Chasey - EMEAs

Academic Forum (1 seat)1. Gary Edward Swartz
Public sector (1 seat)1. Zakariya Hoosain
Associate colleges (2 seats)

1. Mayur Shah

2. Ajith Sanjith

SAICA CEOFreeman Nomvalo

SAICA Management

1. Fanisa Lamola
2. Jaco Snyman

Since its first inaugural meeting in November 2019 to date, the National Council has convened 5 meetings, one of which was a special meeting to consider and provide inputs on the shortlisted candidates to be appointed by the SAICA 2021 AGM to serve in the Board.

Amongst the matters thus far considered by the national Council has been:

  • Finalisation of its membership composition in line with the Council Charter;
  • Importantly, providing substantive inputs and valuable contributions to the SAICA long term Strategy when it was in draft form, prior to it being approved by the Board; and
  • Overseeing the alignment of regional charters and terms of reference of constituencies, which process is driven mainly at the regional level by the regions, and respective constituencies. The final individual charters and terms of reference will be submitted to the National Council for consolidation and sign-off and subsequent submission to the Board for final approval.