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Trainee CAvival Toolkit

Trainee CAvival Toolkit

The Trainee CAvival Toolkit is available for purchase. The content is appropriate for trainees at any stage in their training contract.

The Toolkit consists of 16 modules presented in an on-line eLearning format, and is available on the SAICA Click2Start platform. Each module will take about 20 minutes to complete, and many modules include a built-in mini assessment.

The Toolkit covers the following topics:

The Training Programme

Topic 1: The SAICA Training Model
Topic 2: The specific competencies and tasks

The Training Contract

Topic 1: Background to the training environment
Topic 2: The SAICA Training Regulations (Part 1)
Topic 3: The SAICA Training Regulations (Part 2)
Topic 4: The importance of academic progress
Topic 5: The SAICA Code of Professional Conduct
Topic 6: The importance of professional behaviour & what is expected in this regard during the contract

The SAICA Assessment Process

Topic 1: Assessment of competence - Introduction
Topic 2: Assessment of competence - The rating scale
Topic 3: Assessment of competence - The Technical Skills Review
Topic 4: Assessment of competence - The Professional Skills Review
Topic 5: Assessment of competence - The Assessment Needs Analysis
Topic 6: Assessment of competence - Understanding Development

Getting the most out of your training contract

Topic 1: Making a success of your contract
Topic 2: "My experiences”- narrations by trainees and former trainees

You will note that the topics covered meet all the requirements as prescribed by SAICA for a trainee’s induction, and also include detailed information on the SAICA assessment process and the academic progress requirement.

The product is being sold on a “licensing” basis, which means that the cost per trainee allows the trainee to access the Toolkit for the duration of their training contract. The cost structure for the toolkit is as follows:

# of trainees

Unit price (excl VAT)

Unit price (incl VAT)

1 - 30



31 - 99



100 - 200






The fee represents a once-off payment per trainee for the entire duration of their training contract.

Please download the order form if you wish to order the Toolkit and upload the attached form from the link.