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Trainee Induction

Trainee Induction

Trainee Induction sessions

The Trainee Induction sessions are split into 3 sessions as follows:

Session 1: SAICA Trainee Induction – Introduction to the Profession and SAICA’s Training Regulations

Session 2: Assessment Process and Completing LORs and PDS’

Session 3: Professional Conduct and SAICA Disciplinary Process

Session 1:

The objective of this session is to journey with trainees through the latest SAICA Training Regulations and highlight the important sections applicable to them.

Furthermore, this session covers the regulatory bodies such as SAICA and IRBA, and what the differences are between the two, and what is needed to qualify as a CA / AGA (SA).

Course Content:

Structuring of the accounting profession:

- The need to develop the correct professional attitude towards traineeship

- The different roles of SAICA and the IRBA

- SAICA Training Regulations

- A trainee’s duties per Annexures

- The SAICA Training Contract

Session 2:

At the end of a 3-4-or-5 year SAICA training contract, a trainee will need to produce a portfolio of evidence through the technical experience obtained, showcasing their ability to demonstrate prescribed professional learning outcomes or competencies.

This sessions shows trainees how evidence is collected, documented, assessed as part of the SAICA CA2025 Assessment Process.

Course Content:

- Understanding the CA2025 training programme

- Assessment definition and principles of assessment

- Assessment instruments and processes, and steps to complete

- Prescribed / possible Learning Outcomes (technical and PVAAs)

- Explanation ratings process

- How to apply the assessment appeals process

Session 3:

This session aims to explain how to practically conduct yourself, as a new professional trainee, in a corporate environment as well as looking at how SAICA has disciplined trainees who have not complied with the SAICA Code of Conduct and SAICA Training Regulations.

Course Content:

• Business etiquette

• Open office etiquette

• Telephone etiquette

• Communication skills

• Interviewing the client

• E-mail etiquette

• Time management

• Teamwork

• Self-motivation skills

• SAICA Code of Professional Conduct

• Recent disciplinary trends