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So you want to be an accountant

Choosing your future career is daunting, especially when you’re still in high school. Right now you might feel that it’s impossible for you to know what career you’re best suited for. But if you’re interested in going into the business world, enjoy numbers and love keeping track of money, a career in accounting could be for you.

Now if you picture a boring old man in a grey suit when you hear the word accountant, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Accountants aren’t boring old “bean counters” who spend their days entering numbers into a spreadsheet and hovering over calculator, they’re:

  1. They back bones of business: many of world’s most successful CEOs, CFOs, vice-presidents, chairman/woman and finance mangers are accountants.
  2. Decision makers: the work accountants do shapes and grows businesses for the future.
  3. Business owner and entrepreneurs: in fact, business tycoon, John D Rockefeller; Phil Knight, one of the founders of Nike; and Stephen Saad, co-founder of Aspen Healthcare, all studied to be accountants.
  4. Top earners: local and global studies show that accountants are among the top 10 earners in the country.
  5. Game changers and difference makers: both in their industries and in society at large.

In fact, there are so many jobs that centre on accounting that these days the demand for accountants is growing faster than ever.

Plus, since being an accountant comes with great pay, travel opportunities, the chance to help businesses grow into the next decade and beyond and opportunities to change the world, it really is one of the most exciting and versatile career paths you can to pursue.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the exciting world of accounting by becoming a chartered accountant, associate general accountant or accounting technician.


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