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Associate General Accountant AGA(SA)

Associate General Accountant AGA(SA)
Helping you elevate your accounting career path

AGA(SA) is a technical accounting and business designation that transforms mid-tier accountants into highly skilled professionals who are able to integrate strategic and tactical financial operations with ease.

That sounds like a mouthful, I know, but essentially as an Associate General Accountant [AGA(SA)], you can:

  1. Compile company financial statements.
  2. Perform independent reviews of companies with a public interest score of below 100.
  3. Act as a commissioner of oaths.
  4. Be a registered tax practitioner.
  5. And more.

And, by fulfilling these management functions, AGAs(SA) are instrumental in:

  1. Bridging operational and strategic management functions within the company they work in.
  2. Effectively analysing a company’s financial data.
  3. Communicating financial concepts within the work environment with ease and
  4. Driving efficiencies and improving performance within teams.

Sound good?

We think so. After all, as an AGA(SA), you benefit from a designation that will:

  1. strengthen your professional credibility,
  2. empower you to progress further in your career, and
  3. show employers that you are a highly skilled professional under a globally recognised and premier accounting Institute

The resources below will show you how to become an AGA(SA).