5 June 2023

SAICA congratulates Pieter Faber as the new chairperson of the Global Accounting Alliance’s Tax Working Group

Johannesburg, 5 June 2023 – It is a great honour for SAICA to announce that Pieter Faber, Senior Executive of Taxation has been elected as the new chairperson of the Global Accounting Alliance’s (GAA) tax workgroup. Pieter will be taking over from Brian Keegan, Director of Public Affairs at Chartered Accountants Ireland.

“I am delighted that our Tax Working Group has elected Pieter as chair, to take over from me and the team at Chartered Accountants Ireland. SAICA is a tremendous supporter of the Group, and Pieter is ideally qualified and experienced to lead its work on the key tax issues in the years ahead, notably in the areas of international corporate taxation, tax ethics, cryptocurrency taxation, and the tax challenges presented by increasingly mobile and international workforces,” says Keegan.

SAICA is excited about Pieter Faber’s appointment as he will make a tremendous difference by bolstering advocacy work within both a local and international standard and legislation-setting framework, as well as strengthening the profession’s relevance and reputation at a global level.

“I am honoured by the confidence expressed in me by my GAA colleagues and look forward to using this platform to make a positive difference. A lot of work by my predecessor chairpersons has gone into creating and maintaining this working group and ensuring that our various Institutes and members benefit from its activities. Just as tax policymakers and revenue services with differing tax systems have globally sought to align and collaborate, so we are expected to find what makes us stronger together so we can leverage from that. We will strive to enhance our collective ability to speak and advocate as an organised profession on matters that affect our collective membership, and empower our members, through information sharing and collaboration, notwithstanding the diversity in views and members,” says Faber.

The Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) was formed in November 2005 and serves as a forum for 10 of the world’s leading professional accountancy bodies whose members practice in major capital markets. It has a membership of over 1 400 000 members across 10 membership bodies in over 180 countries.

The GAA’s purpose is to serve the public interest by leading the advancement of a high-quality accounting profession by sharing information and collaborating among GAA members and advocating on international issues important to the profession.

SAICA already anticipates the tremendous difference that Pieter Faber will make in the tax arena.

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