15 March 2024

SAICA launches business podcast to empower small businesses

Johannesburg, 15 March 2024 – The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) is delighted to launch the SAICA BIZ Impact Podcast, a dynamic platform which aims to simplify complex business topics and empower small medium businesses (SMEs) to thrive.

The name ‘SAICA BIZ Impact Podcast’ celebrates the transformative influence of small and medium businesses in the economy, communities, and the lives of South Africans. These businesses are a catalyst for social impact, driving economic growth and offering employment to many.

Hosted by Luncedo Mtwentwe AGA(SA), a thriving entrepreneur and Managing Director at Vantage Advisory. Luncedo is a difference maker and passionate about education, entrepreneurship and social impact. With a belief in the power of networking and paying it forward, he coaches other entrepreneurs. As part of creating positive change and fostering growth for small businesses, the 12-part series features in-depth conversations, case studies, and actionable advice on key issues that affect SMEs’ owners. The series explores vital topics such as technology, funding, finance, cashflow, human capital and strategy equipping SMEs for success in 2024 and beyond.

The podcast also serves as a platform for SAICA practitioners to engage in conversations that echo the ethos of making a difference and empowering small medium businesses to not only succeed financially but to thrive as agents of positive impact.

It highlights the extensive versatility of SAICA practitioners as professionals whose impact goes beyond traditional accounting and holding finance roles. Through their expertise, SAICA practitioners enable SMEs to unlock their potential, navigate challenges, and foster sustainable practices that transcend profitability.

With challenges facing SMEs ranging from rising costs, loadshedding, reduced revenue to securing and cash flow management and marketing, the podcast offers SMEs an opportunity to gain valuable insight, strategies, and advice from experienced SAICA practitioners. .

Some of the practical business advice unlocked in the podcast include, limited access to funding, regulatory complexity, technological gap, cashflow management, market access barriers, understanding finance and accounting, managing people, transition to business leadership, sustainable business practices and many others.

You can watch all the episodes from season 1 of the SAICA BIZ Impact Podcast on our YouTube channel here. Alternatively, you can listen to them on our Spotify channel here.

By creating this podcast series, SAICA’s objective is to bridge the knowledge gap by enabling small businesses to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and achieve sustainable growth with confidence in their entrepreneurial journeys.


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