28 February 2024

SAICA Wishes First-Year Tertiary Students a Remarkable 2024

As you embark on this exciting chapter of your life, transitioning from school to tertiary education, SAICA extends heartfelt wishes for an extraordinary, fulfilling year ahead.

February 2024 marked the beginning of a transformative period—one that offers countless opportunities for growth, learning, and self-discovery. Reflecting on the decisions that led us to this point, the anticipation of pursuing our dreams and defining our paths fills the air. Whether you choose to study from home or embrace campus life, this is your time to shine and make the most of the experience.

The next couple of months hold the potential to shape your life journey and set the tone for the years to come. Tertiary life is not just about academics; it's a multifaceted journey encompassing networking, relationship-building, and self-exploration. Take the time to connect with fellow students and academic staff, join cultural clubs, participate in campus activities, and cultivate a network that lasts a lifetime.

Networking is a valuable skill that transcends age, and the relationships you build today could be pivotal in your future career or business ventures. Your tertiary connections could be your future employers or potential collaborators for your entrepreneurial journey.

Maintaining focus is crucial for success. Define your goals from day one, plan ahead, and utilise on-campus academic support services to enhance your learning experience. On-campus support extends beyond academics, it includes mental and physical well-being as well. Seek guidance from counselling and wellness services, most institutions have face-to-face or virtual services that are safe, free, and confidential. A healthy mind is the foundation for academic success.

As part of self-management and seeking guidance, mentorship can be a crucial guiding tool for tertiary students. It serves as a sounding board, empowering individuals to ask questions in a safe environment, build one’s ideas, resilience, and confidence. Mentorship fosters accountability and is a valuable compass for personal development.

These years are among the best of your life, so relish every moment. Enjoy the freedom to explore, be adventurous, and take accountability for your actions. Discipline becomes a guiding principle at this level of education, where freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Remember, you are empowered, and with that empowerment comes the responsibility to inspire and uplift others.

Embrace the challenges and celebrate the victories. You can shape not only your own future but also influence and inspire those around you. Good luck on your academic journey, and may this year be a beautiful stepping stone towards a bright and promising future.


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