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Accounting Technician AT(SA)
How to become an Accounting Technician AT(SA)

How to become an Accounting Technician AT(SA)

The designation is designed to professionalise entry-level finance professionals and equip them with practical expertise required to prepare and produce reliable financial information that can be trusted. Importantly, with AT(SA) behind your name, it is a mark of competence that assures employers that you are highly competent and adhere to high professional standards.

Key characteristics of AT(SA)

• Work-integrated learning – it is job related, application driven and promotes the theory and practice of accountancy;

• Solid foundation – it offers a solid foundation in accounting, finance and business skills;

• Career progression – helps improve career progression and employability;

• Boosts confidence – boosts employee confidence and technical ability; and

• Customised qualifications – tailor-made content based on specific industries



Applications submitted before 14 June 2021

SAICA Accounting Technician AT(SA)

VAT excl.

VAT incl.

2021 Annual Subscription fee - Platinum

R 1 478,26

R 1 700,00

2021 Entrance Fee (Once-Off)

R 300,00

R 345,00

There are three routes to becoming eligible for the AT(SA) designation. Download the details.

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