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CPD Policy
2023 CPD Annual Declaration

2023 CPD Annual Declaration

As per SAICA’s CPD policy, all SAICA members and associates need to complete an annual declaration. The declaration is for the period from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023 and needs to be submitted as per the SAICA By-Laws.

Completing the declaration
All members need to complete the 2023 annual declaration on the SAICA Member Portal. The SAICA Member Portal is an online platform that was launched in 2019 to improve SAICA’s engagement with members and associates. Members have to be registered on the SAICA Member Portal to complete the annual declaration.

Completing the declaration should only take about five minutes of your time. Please ensure that you submit the declaration on time to have your compliance status recorded.

This link gives you access to a How To Guide on how to access the Member Portal as well as the steps required for completing your declaration.

Kindly follow the steps below to complete and submit the declaration:

  1. Logon to https://my.saica.co.za/ by capturing the email address used to create your profile and password.
  2. Click on Logon to access the login page.
  3. Capture the email address used to create your profile and password.
  4. If you do not remember the password click on Forgot password to reset.
  5. A verification code will be forwarded to reset your password.
  6. Use your email address and newly created password to login.
  7. Click on the Member Compliance icon in the left pane (the Member Compliance section has an option to declare)
  8. Click on the Declare button to open the CPD annual declaration form.
  9. Click on the Submit button once you have answered all the declaration questions.

Please note that the SAICA Member Portal login details are different from the SAICA website login details.

Compulsory Ethics Reflection
Reflection on the competency area 'Ethical values and attitudes' is a requirement for all members and associates on an annual basis.

Members are reminded of the compulsory Ethics reflection, as communicated to all members in April 2021.

SAICA is hosting a series of Ethics events during 2023. The details are communicated regularly by our Events Delivery team via the relevant communication channels. The SAICA learner management system, eVOLVE, contains various Ethics courses for which you can enrol. In addition, the Accountancy SA magazine features several Ethics articles throughout the year, which can be utilised as part of your Ethics reflection.

Membership with other professional bodies
SAICA members who are also members of other professional bodies with whom SAICA has formal reciprocity agreements, may elect to comply with the CPD requirements and obligations relating to that professional body’s CPD policy. Members who select this option are still required to declare this on SAICA’s annual declaration.

Late declarations, dishonest declarations and non-compliance
Late declarations or non-responsiveness constitutes non-compliance with the SAICA By-laws, and members or associates who have not submitted an annual declaration by the due date will be reported to SAICA’s Legal and Discipline department.

Members or associates who are found to have declared dishonestly, will also be reported to the SAICA Legal and Discipline department, as this amounts to unethical behaviour and is in contravention of the SAICA Code of Professional Conduct.

A random sample of members or associates will be selected for monitoring. Members or associates selected for monitoring will need to upload their evidence on the SAICA Member Portal. Your supporting documents need to be kept for a period of three years, but only need to be submitted if you have been selected for monitoring. In addition, a reflective plan will only need to be submitted by members or associates selected for monitoring. An email notification will be sent to members or associates selected for monitoring.

Should you have questions or queries in this regard, kindly submit them via the Member Portal and a representative from our Member Compliance team will get back to you.