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Mental health

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is critical to leading a balanced and healthy life. Our psychological, physical, and social well-being also fall into the category of mental wellbeing. This suggests that it has an impact on how we experience, perceive and respond on a daily basis. Our mental wellbeing frequently influences our decision-making method, our ability to deal with tension and our relationships with others. According to British physician, Dr Paul Litchfield, “businesses that don’t take mental health and wellbeing seriously will not be successful”. Litchfield explains that the capabilities that companies require now centre more around innovation, communication and emotional intelligence than just the straightforward requirements of strength, dexterity and intellect that characterised previous eras.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant disruptions and immense challenges across the globe. Uncertainty and notable shifts in the way we conduct our lives have a major impact on our mental wellbeing. However, even before the COVID-19 pandemic behavioural health challenges such as anxiety, stress, and depression were present, constituting a leading cause of diminished wellbeing, absenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased healthcare costs. The pandemic has merely heightened the urgency of addressing these challenges, with mental health taking centre stage worldwide.

Improving our mental health literacy, with unambiguous differences between mental health issues and mental illnesses is essential. This is why SAICA has embarked on a project to raise awareness of mental health, breaking down the stigmas regarding mental wellness and nurturing mental resilience for those who need it most. Join SAICA on this journey by connecting, giving, continuous learning and having real and honest conversations about mental wellness.

Access resources to help you assess and improve your mental health.

SAICA Wellness Check-In Catch Up

Enclosed is a list of webcast recordings for previous Wellness sessions, presentations and resources.

The Gratitude/ Attitude Journal

Enclosed is an efficient focus journal, free of digital distractions that will only take you a few minutes a day to complete

and is structured around your gratitude practice to help you build consistency and momentum around incorporating gratitude daily

Flow Plan: 7 Steps to finding Flow

Full of practical solutions, wisdom and strategies, 7 Steps to Finding Flow is your guide to lighten the load that stress places on us, and how to move through it with ease when it lands. We can't avoid stress, but we can deal with it differently and access better health, energy and balance.

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