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Women’s month

Women’s month

In alignment with South Africa's National Women's Month, SAICA proudly celebrate trailblazing women this month. Recognising their pivotal roles, accomplishments, and resilience, this aims to both honour their legacies and inspire future generations. Join SAICA in amplifying the voices and stories of these formidable women, acknowledging their indomitable spirit and contributions.

Women’s Month Features:

Advancing towards gender equality with determination! 🚀 Join us as Refilwe Matenche CA(SA), the visionary Founder of AWM, discusses the pivotal role we play in shaping a brighter future for aspiring female professionals. Let’s empower the next generation together!

In support of SAICA’s Women’s Month initiative, we engaged with Tamaryn Van Nikkelen Kuyper CA(SA), who reveals her top life hack.

SAICA Wellness Features:

Fuel Your Body, Nurture Your Soul. Discover 7 transformative strategies for enhancing your well-being on the wellness path with Jenna Selley.

Women in Leadership highlights:

The Northern Region’s annual Women in Leadership event on August 8, 2023, was a huge success! Stay tuned as we delve into the empowering insights and inspirational stories shared by our phenomenal speakers.

Small steps, big impact!

Lebo Mokgatlhe’s words remind us that even the tiniest gestures can create waves of positive change. Join us in spreading kindness and making a difference, no matter how small the action may seem.

On the couch with Difference Makers: