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Unite 4 Mzansi™

Unite 4 Mzansi™

The Unite 4 Mzansi™ initiative aims to create solutions to the nine impediments to South Africa’s economic growth, as per the National Development Plan (NDP), as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


It is apparent that one of the biggest obstacles standing in the country’s way of moving forward to achieve the NDP and the UN SDGs is the issue of corruption. In South Africa, we have faced an impervious culture of impunity since the mid-2000s. State institutions of accountability have faltered and corruption has undermined our democracy and continues to destroy our economy.

As more and more scandals started to rock our country’s news headlines, it became clear that much blame could be placed at the feet of a minority of our members, who as part of the Guardians of Governance, have failed to perform their duties to the required professional standard outlined in the SAICA Code of Professional Conduct. Through the Unite 4 Mzansi™ initiative, we will unveil the key lessons that could be learnt from state capture and the corruption that has occurred in companies in order to mobilise civil society to work together to see what can be done to prevent such an occurrence from happening in the private and public sector again.

On Wednesday, 23 June 2021, Unite 4 Mzansi™: Stand for Truth launched its first case study: State Capture 101, which summarises the history of state capture in South Africa. We look forward to presenting our other case study videos based on the work our research partner has done to illustrate where the Guardians of Governance have failed – allowing for such corruption to take place – in the near future.

Our Advocates:

  • Professor Bonang Mohale
  • Professor Wiseman Nkuhlu
  • Professor Nicola Kleynn
  • Sizwe Nxasana
  • Busi Mavuso
  • Athol Williams
  • Thuli Madonsela

Our Project Partners:

U4M™ is working with the following partners to help deliver case studies to members, stakeholders and the public:

  • Research partners: Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (led by Mark Swilling)
  • Video partners: Make Stuff Machine (led by Kabous Meiring)

Our Case Studies:

Unite 4 Mzansi™: The story of Transnet

Unite 4 Mzansi™: State Capture 101

Recording from launch event