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It is with a sense of relief that South Africans, and much of the world, have been able to interact with each other once again in an unrestricted environment. The last few years have taught us that the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world that is spoken about is indeed a reality, not just from a business perspective but also a personal one.

On reflection of the past year, and indeed the years preceding it, the importance of making a difference has become increasingly important.

SAICA members are #differencemakers
The inaugural annual Chairman’s #differencemakers Awards was launched in May 2022 during which senior members of the profession were recognised for the lasting impact they have had on the profession and on society throughout their careers. Chartered Accountants influence every sector of society, and the awards prove that we are a profession that can, and does, positively impact South Africa and its citizens.

KwaZulu-Natal experienced a tumultuous period during which floods devastated much of the province, the effects of which are still felt today on the water and sanitation systems. Members again proved to be #differencemakers through their generous contributions of funds and time through the Business Emergency Room initiative.

On 14 November, the inaugural SAICA #differencemakers Economic Recovery Conference came together to share their views on the Economic Blueprint, a document focusing on the impactful measures that Chartered Accountants (SA), and other business leaders can make on the economy, for the benefit of all South Africans.

On 25 November, we celebrated the new and inspiring Top 35-under-35 CAs(SA) winner, Mathabo Makhaya, a 32-year-old #differencemaker whose passion is people and impact.

In-person and online events
In the coming year, SAICA will continue to facilitate our members’ role as #differencemakers by providing technical, practical, and mental well-being support.

Following the COVID-19 lockdowns, SAICA again offered in-person events, and members were able to enjoy a variety of networking dinners and roadshows throughout the country. There is a strong call for many of the learning interventions to remain online, given that it is convenient and flexible. SAICA will therefore continue to ensure a balanced mix of in-person and online offerings that meet members’ requirements to remain relevant.

The Member Value Proposition
In 2021 the value propositions for SAICA’s three designations were comprehensively refined. In the current year, a series of interactive discussions and focus groups were held to analyse the expectations of both the Small and Medium Practitioners (SMP) and Members in Business (MiB) constituencies. The outcomes thereof ensure that SAICA continues to reduce expectation gaps between members and the institute’s offering to ensure the relevance of the comprehensive support members receive across a broad spectrum of diverse requirements. A similar analysis of other constituencies, including the Public Sector, will follow in due course.

International members
Members based outside of South Africa are supported by 11 in-country committees and three representatives on the SAICA Council. Several in-person technical and networking events were hosted by the SAICA team throughout the world. In addition, access to a series of complimentary content from Chartered Accountants Worldwide (including Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA) is available to all members, and access to the Global Accounting Alliance member institutes (via the GAA Passport program) enables members to gain relevant global partner content without membership of the local institute.

SAICA Strategy
SAICA’s current strategy, underpinned by the four pillars of Member Value, Reputation and Relevance, Growth and Transformation, and Organisational Sustainability will remain until the end of 2023. For the next strategic cycle, due to begin in 2024, an open strategy formulation methodology has been proposed to ensure that members, via their respective structures, are included in the strategy development. A roadmap for the strategy input will be formulated early in 2023 and shared with members.

Membership subscriptions for 2023

The SAICA Board approved a 4,3% increase in membership subscriptions for 2023. The membership subscriptions for 2023 are as follows:


Amount Excluding VAT


Amount including VAT


Full member (local & International)

6 961,74

1 044,26

8 006,00

Member over 60

1 234,78


1 420,00

Entrance fees

5 530,00


6 359,50


Full member (local & International)

3 923,48


4 512,00

Member over 60

1 234,78


1 420,00

Entrance fees

2 765,22


3 180,00


Full member (local & International)

1 545,22


1 777,00

Member over 60

1 234,78


1 420,00

Entrance fees313,0446,96360,00
Members and Associates that are Tax Practitioners with SAICA
Tax Practitioner Annual Fee2 254,78338,222 593,00

The budget summary

The 2023 budget enables SAICA to achieve its strategy. The budget spend per strategic pillar is:

How to pay your invoice

  • Invoices will be emailed to all members during the week of 5 December 2022 and will come from an email address titled “SAICA-NO Reply”.
  • You can print or download a pdf copy of your invoice from a link within the email.
  • The payment can be made via EFT into SAICA’s Nedbank or FNB bank accounts or by credit card through the SAICA Member Portal. SAICA’s banking details are listed here. Guidance on accessing the Member Portal can be found here.
  • SAICA Membership fees are due by 1 January 2023, payable by 31 January 2023.
  • Account queries can be sent to debtors@saica.co.za and membership queries to saica@saica.co.za.

SAICA, through its members and associates, continues to play a pivotal role in the profession and in society. We thank you for your 2023 membership subscriptions that will enable us to continue highlighting our members as #differencemakers to the world.