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Membership subscriptions for 2024

SAICA is preparing for the next five years with the appointment of a new CEO and the finalisation of a new five-year strategy which has received significant input from individual members and stakeholders.

CA(SA) is the most trusted designation in the world
The foundation for the next five years is strong, with the CA(SA) designation being rated by business decision makers as the most trusted designation in the world, based on independent research conducted by Edelman. In addition, SAICA has been rated as the most trusted CA institute in the world.

The Edelman survey considers four strategic dimensions in its determination. These are:

  • Ability - good at what they do,
  • Integrity - is honest,
  • Dependability - keeps promises, and
  • Purpose - tries hard to make a positive impact on society.

The SAICA member value proposition is premised on the statement “I am part of a prestigious and valued profession that enables me to participate and make a difference in South Africa and globally, while positively impacting the economy and society.”

It is this mantra that continually drives SAICA, ensuring that the profession and the SAICA designations enable members to excel and be recognised for the difference each of them make in South Africa and globally. Business decision makers, who use the services of SAICA members, have recognised the impact of this work, and the work that CAs(SA) perform globally.

On reflection, the last five years commenced with challenges to the reputation of chartered accountants in South Africa. A comprehensive trust restoration plan was implemented, and elements of this plan will continue to be executed to ensure that the integrity of the profession remains in high regard. The results of the Edelman trust survey are evidence that the actions have achieved their intended goal.


The #differencemakers campaign continues to recognise the contribution that trainees and members make to society. The campaign highlights the achievements of members within the profession and the innovative environment with which they operate.

The Trainee Trailblazers Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding trainee achievements, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and professional development among aspiring Chartered Accountants. Wamashudu Mukheli, a second-year trainee, co-founded Campus Connect, an education-tech company in 2019. Campus Connect has reached over 20 000 students from various universities across the country, providing them with learning materials that enables them to excel in their Chartered Accountancy journey.

The Top-35-Under-35 competition celebrated a winner from academia for the first time in its 10-year history. Senzo Ndlangamandla is the Head of Department - Accounting Sciences at Walter Sisulu University. His achievements include transforming not only the department’s approach to student support and development, but also at supporting and developing staff, under trying circumstances.

The SAICA Chairman’s Difference Makers Awards recognised various categories of members who have made a valuable contribution in shaping communities, economies and society while applying the highest standards of ethics, integrity and accountability. You can read more about these #differencemakers here.

The first South African of the Year in Australia awards, powered by SAICA, will take place in 2024. These awards, which recognise excellence across borders, highlights the impact of South Africans in Australia in a manner that promotes CAs(SA) on a global stage. View here to find out more about this exciting initiative.

The objective of these initiatives is to recognise and showcase the positive impact of members on the economy and society and elevate the prestige and value of the profession in the process.

Enhanced member value

The continuous engagement with members, whether through the representative constituent committees, direct engagement with members, or via a broad range of stakeholders, enables SAICA to understand the changing landscape in which members operate and which initiatives can best support members to exploit opportunities and address challenges.

One such example is understanding the regulatory challenges that small audit firms, in particular, face. In response, SAICA, in partnership with the audit regulator, engaged dozens of audit firms throughout the country over several months. Most of these engagements were conducted in person, allowing for our members to have an honest and transparent discussion directly with the regulator on the challenges within the small audit environment. SAICA and the audit regulator will continue to work towards ensuring that small audit firms are a viable and attractive career option, and that the audit profession remains sustainable at every level.

Continued support for members outside of South Africa

SAICA’s commitment to supporting members, irrespective of their location, continues with the establishment of a new member support committee in Ireland. In addition, members based outside of the country are reminded that access to professional content and networking opportunities is available via Chartered Accountants Worldwide (including Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA, for which support has now been extended to include Canada), and that access to the Global Accounting Alliance member institutes (via the GAA Passport programme) enables members to gain relevant global partner content without requiring membership of the local institute.

2024 Membership subscriptions

The SAICA Board approved a 5,9% increase in membership subscriptions for 2024. The membership subscription for 2024 is:


Amount Excluding VAT


Amount including VAT





Full member (local & overseas)

7 372,48

1 105,87

8 478,35

Member over 60

1 307,63


1 503,77

Entrance fees

5 856,27


6 734,71


Full member (local & overseas)

4 154,97


4 778,22

Member over 60

1 307,63


1 503,77

Entrance fees AGA

2 928,37


3 367,63


Full member (local & overseas)

1 636,39


1 881,85

Member over 60

1 307,63


1 503,77

Entrance fees AT331,5149,73381,24

The budget summary

The graph below sets out the 2024 budgeted spend per strategic pillar:

How to pay your invoice:

  • SAICA Membership fees are due by 1 January 2024, payable by 31 January 2024.
  • Invoices will be raised by 20 December 2023.
  • Invoices will no longer be emailed to any member as all invoices will be accessible via the SAICA Member Portal.
  • Once logged into your account you can print or download a pdf copy of your invoice.
  • The easiest and fastest method of payment is via credit card on the Member Portal. Alternatively, you may make payment via EFT into SAICA’s Nedbank or FNB bank accounts. SAICA’s banking details are listed on the invoice. Should you be making an EFT payment, kindly ensure that the payment refence is your eight-digit membership number.
  • Guidance on accessing the Member Portal can be found here.
  • Account queries can also be logged using the “new query” button on the Member Portal.

SAICA, through its members, continues to play a leading role in the profession and in society. We thank you for your 2024 membership subscriptions that will enable us to continue highlighting our members as trusted #differencemakers to the world.