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Chartered Accountant CA(SA)
What is a Chartered Accountant CA(SA)

What is a Chartered Accountant CA(SA)

Becoming a chartered accountant CA(SA) is your gateway to a challenging and exciting career, global mobility, flexibility, and good earning potential in the business field of your choice.

The business world is increasingly complex and continues to undergo accelerated change. Today, to stay on top, organisations need high-performing, forward-thinking professionals they can rely on. CAs(SA) are highly respected professionals who have deep financial expertise and broad business insight.

They lead at the highest level of business as CEOs, financial directors, board directors, business owners and strategic senior management. CAs(SA) use their deep understanding of complex financial, technical and operational concepts to shape the strategic direction of organisations, often creating long-term value for organisations, communities and economies.

Globally recognised professionals

The CA(SA) designation is recognised globally in every sector of business and finance. The designation offers career mobility, opening doors to a wide range of career opportunities. The designation denotes a global understanding of accounting standards, methodologies and business expertise to manage an array of universal financial and business needs. Employers can confidently position CAs(SA) to work anywhere in the world.

Responsible leaders in business

One of the key tenets of the SAICA Code is that all CAs(SA) must act in the best interest of the public and the country. CAs(SA) are trained to exercise good judgement, draw attention to acts of impropriety and to always act to safeguard their independence and the public interest with rigour and integrity. As SAICA members, CAs(SA) are required to be trusted leaders. This means they are mandated to be ethically minded and use their talents and skills to lead organisations responsibly, ensuring that decisions they make are sustainable for their organisations and the country.

Versatile skill set for today and the future

The influence of CAs(SA) is diverse and spans across public and private sectors, as well as a variety of industries. With a disciplined approach, unmatched financial acumen, broad business and strong analytical skills imparted from their high level of education, training and substantial experience. CAs(SA) have a greater ability to analyse and interpret today’s business problems and develop dynamic solutions fit for the future.

CAs(SA) have a breadth of knowledge and competencies that are maintained through ongoing professional development. Chartered accountants competently progress between their core competencies in handling financial and accounting systems, and organisational strategy to provide innovative approaches to development.

An investment in your human capital

The CA(SA) designation remains one of the world’s most prestigious career choices and presents various career progression opportunities. CAs(SA) invest in considerable effort to earn the CA(SA) designation. They undergo extensive education, training and qualifying examination criteria, making them a cut above other professionals.

As strategic financial experts, they adapt to changing environments, and can work across diverse disciplines. When adding a CA(SA) to a team, you can be assured of strategic, business and financial acumen to deliver value to business.