WITS online CVO programme


The CVO Programme, which consists of three short courses, is part of a continuing research-driven enquiry into integrated reporting, integrated thinking and sustainable development being undertaken by the Wits School of Accountancy.

The first short course is an integrated thinking themed course which examines integrated thinking and value creation in a practical context with a focus on how the CVO, either in a dedicated role or in some other executive capacity, could be expected to oversee the management of multiple types of capital.

The second short course is a governance themed course which covers outcomes-based governance and its application to emerging issues such as COVID and climate change. The course considers the drivers and consequences of good governance and how an outcomes-based approach to governance is essential for effective multi-capital management, stakeholder engagement and long-term value creation.

The third short course in the CVO programme is an assurance themed course which deals with, inter alia, the nature and emergence of combined assurance, the role of external assurors in the preparation of integrated reports and the relevance of assurance for the broader value creation.

The short courses can be attended consecutively or independently of each other. Participants have the option to complete either one, two or all three of the courses.

In the medium-term, these three short courses forming the Chief Value Officer curriculum will lead to Chief Value Officer credentials in the form of a post graduate diploma from Wits and a possible designation from SAICA.

Additional requirements will need to be met for the postgraduate diploma in the form of a short ethics module. Further details about electing the post-graduate diploma option will be released in due course.


Course 1 - Integrated Thinking and Value Creation: 14 February 2022

Course 2 - Corporate Governance in South Africa: 2 May 2022

Course 3 - Sustainability Assurance: 18 July 2022