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Chartered Accountants Worldwide

Chartered Accountants Worldwide

What is Chartered Accountants Worldwide?

Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) brings together 15 of the leading institutes of chartered accountants from around the world to support, develop and promote the vital role that chartered accountants play throughout the global economy.

As a member of SAICA you are already a Chartered Accountants Worldwide network member. You can connect with other members in the global network, expand your professional connections and access resources to keep your skills up to date.

Visit the CAW website for more information.

How does CAW benefit CAs and the profession?

By connecting hundreds of thousands of CAs and students from its member institutes, CAW:

  • Promotes the commitment of its global membership to the highest standards of professional and ethical practice
  • Creates greater opportunities globally for those seeking to become or develop as chartered accountants – and those looking to train or employ them
  • Shares expertise and innovation to maintain chartered accountancy’s position as the preeminent qualification for those in accountancy, finance and business


5, 6 and 7 October 2021 | 1-3 pm BST each day

ICAS is once again bringing together thought leaders and financial experts from around the world for the CA Summit – an immersive digital conference offering topical debate, leadership insight and expert advice. Split into three chapters – Learn, Grow and Inspire – with a day devoted to each, the CA Summit 2021 is packed with talks, presentations and interviews.

The subjects which will be covered in this year’s event have been curated to make it accessible to any and all business professionals who are interested in hearing from expert speakers on topics such as revitalising your personal brand, solutions for dealing with everyday stresses, the importance of diversity within organisations and how the employment landscape has changed.

This event will provide attendees with world class thought leadership content, providing original and wide-ranging insights, the applications of which transcend professions and industries.

Book your free place now [https://icas.eventsair.com/ca-summit/registration/Site/Register?utm_source=CAW&utm_medium=content_external&utm_content=URL&utm_campaign=CA_Summit2021]

Learn | 5 October | 1-3pm BST

Bringing together thought leaders and industry experts to share, explore and discuss the latest trends and their impact on our industry. Joining us for the Learn chapter: Writer and former Political Director of Communications Alastair Campbell and Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific at Mastercard Julienne Loh.

Grow | 6 October | 1-3pm BST

Supporting the development and progress of people and businesses through an unprecedented variety of stories, ideas and insights. Speaking at this year’s Grow chapter: Solution Focused Psychotherapist Gin Lalli , The Mental Fitness Coach Alex Strang and Professor and Strategist, Michael G. Jacobides.

Inspire | 7 October | 1-3pm BST

Sharing the ideas, predictions and observations of those who continue to power and support the growth of innovative and equitable organisations. Joining on us on our final day, the Inspire chapter: Blockchain expert and crypto currency evangelist Jason Brink and Personal Brand Storyteller Carole Pyke.

More speakers to be announced soon. The 2021 CA Summit is being supported by Markel Tax.

Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA

What is CAW Network USA?

On 19 November 2020, the Association of Chartered Accountants USA (ACAUS) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide merged to form Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA.

CAW Network USA is the first regional network established by CAW. It supports more than 7 000 chartered accountants living and working in the United States in an effort to raise the profile and reputation of the profession in the world’s largest economy.

Benefits of CAW Network USA

CAW Network USA provides a number of benefits including:

  • Access to a broader network of chartered accountants in the US and globally, connecting its 7 000 members in the US and the CAW network of 1.8-million members and students worldwide
  • Access to broader range of relevant CPD and events, online and in person, in the USA
  • Enhanced support for members, including a helpful platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, in particular at these challenging times, to keep economies moving
  • Access to online training targeted at chartered accountants who want to take advantage of Mutual Recognition Agreements to become US CPAs
  • Increased visibility and strengthening of the chartered accountancy brand/profession in the US

Chartered Accountants Worldwide global identifier

As a SAICA member you are already a Chartered Accountants Worldwide network member: show the world by using the new global identifier logo.

In order to download the global identifier logo, please complete the form, and you will immediately be able to access the global identifier logo together with examples of how you can use it on your stationery, website, business card and email signature.

The more members that use the global identifier logo, the greater the recognition of the role and value of chartered accountants. You’ll be showing to the world that you are part of something bigger.

What is a global identifier?

The global identifier is a badge with the words “Chartered Accountant Worldwide Network Member”, which you can use in relevant business situations as you see fit. It isn’t a qualification or a designation, it’s simply a way to show that you are a chartered accountant who is part of a wider global network.

Why use it?

We have listened to requests from our members to show our global scale. The logo and identifier help you to show that you are part of something bigger. It will create international recognition for the chartered accountancy profession, ensuring that your qualification stands out in an increasingly competitive market.

Our research highlighted that businesses would also welcome this as a means of identifying the best. Network membership demonstrates that you are part of a global network and also that you have the skills needed in your local market.

What do I need to do?

Simply click on this link to access the global identifier logo to use on your stationery, website, business card and email signature.

The link includes instructions and suggestions on how and where to use the identifier. You may choose to use the logo or simply the words. Either way you’ll be showing the world that you are part of something bigger. The more members that use the global identifier, the greater the recognition of the role and value of chartered accountants, so why not do it today?

Download your Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network Member pack and logo now.